Reasons Why Pattaya Isn’t a Safe Place for Visitors

Pattaya is no longer a safe place for visitors to come into, especially women, as people consider the place to be Thailand’s worst capital. There are dangers that a visitor can encounter, that’s why it’s advisable not to talk to strangers, or to make trouble with the inhabitants of that location, especially the local men. What are the things to avoid? When traveling to Pattaya, you have to be careful on what your journey becomes, lots of thieves are always in the bushes, waiting to loot a vehicle. Try as much as possible to avoid traveling at night, as evil and criminal activities are usually done when the place is dark, this includes stealing, kidnapping, rape, etc. In Pattaya, there are lots of fraudulent activities, so you have to stay in places where security is at its best, like the 5-star hotels, religious centers, private gatherings, etc.

Going with a group of individuals

Going with a group of individuals that you know is better than going alone, when you’re with 5 people or more, it discourages the plan of most criminals. If you want to visit a friend or family, always make sure that you don’t spend time there, just pay a short visit and get back home. Children aren’t expected to travel to Pattaya, as they are vulnerable to dangers, however, adults like couples, bachelors, and spinsters, can go there. Road accidents are common in Pattaya because drivers do not usually obey government rules and regulations concerning road safety. Other things to avoid are, passing objects above a person’s head or rubbing the head, pointing directly at a person you don’t know, and offending people from the rural areas.

Reasons Why Pattaya Isn't a Safe Place for Visitors

Whenever a visitor wants to enter a house that doesn’t belong to him, he’s supposed to remove his shoes, and when he’s in the marketplace, he shouldn’t put his feet on a table. If you’re crossing the busy roads, always watch carefully to avoid the reckless drivers, as these drivers won’t stop for anybody to cross, even if you’re a child. Do not be harsh on a person who offers to sell services or products in Pattaya, if you are not interested, simply tell that person no, or thanks, you are not interested. These are the things visitors should avoid, but what are the areas to skip entry?

Beaches in this capital aren’t nice, there are polluted substances in the water, due to uncleanliness, open sewers, and irresponsible officials who don’t care about their duties. Although traveling to Pattaya is dangerous, it’s still the most-visited place in Thailand, that’s why there is heavy traffic, lots of criminals, and littered streets. At night, people aren’t supposed to move on the streets.

Some areas don’t usually have light, and light averts danger. In Pattaya clubs aren’t shut down by the police, what the police are looking for are centers where drugs might be used, as it’s strictly unlawful to use hard drugs in the state. If offenders are caught using hard drugs, the punishment can be life in prison, or instant death, so don’t go close to people who take drugs, and do not take drugs into the country, or bring them out to other countries. Finally, traveling to Pattaya is worth it, does try to prevent the dangers that’s all, and use taxis that know where you are heading to.

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